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“Patient Concepts provides an effective, non-confrontational, information-and-alternatives approach for Consults"

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Why Patient Concepts?

Patient Concepts provides a fresh approach to reviewing options with your prospective Patient.

The Patient Concepts software instantly creates an informative, professional, Patient-friendly presentation that provides alternatives to help your Counselors review procedures, pricing and payment alternatives. The presentations utilize non-confrontational yet highly effective and proven word-tracks that help your prospective Patient make a decision.

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The Right Words for the Right Results

The Patient Concepts Process

The key to an effective consultation is to use the right words at the right time. This process leads to a decision and a positive consultation outcome. Still, many Counselors may not know the right words that would help them be more effective. New Counselors often need coaching so it is even more critical to use best practices.

We provide the tools your Counselors can use to increase their success levels; tools and techniques that are easy to learn and implement. The Patient Concepts presentations allow the Counselor to walk the prospective Patient through recommended procedures, costs and special pricing or financing alternatives. The presentations build value by showing the prospective Patient exactly what is included. The presentations include a number of sections that help lead the prospective Patient to a decision by providing alternatives for Surgery Date, Down Payments, Terms and Financing options. This allows the Counselor to quickly make an effective, non-confrontational, information-and-alternatives based presentation that leads to an agreement. New Counselors become better closers and experienced Counselors see their consults finish more quickly allowing them to spend more time following up on other opportunities.

Integrated Scheduling, Follow-up and Reminders

Automated Prospect Tracking

The ability to track and follow-up is critical to make sure you get the most out of your marketing dollars. Patient Concepts has extensive Scheduling, Follow-up and Tracking functionality built in to automatically generate an ongoing process flow that ensures your opportunities don’t fall through the cracks. The tracking ties to our Reports so that effectiveness, close rates and pending opportunities can be reviewed instantly.

Monthly Payments Drive Decisions

Patient Concepts Presentations

Budgets often drive decisions. By providing Payment and Financing alternatives the Patient Concepts presentations help the prospective Patient make a decision to go forward.

The Patient Concepts presentations provide:

  • A detailed Procedure breakdown
  • A description of included and excluded items
  • The ability to apply special Discounts
  • Alternate Surgery Dates (to help the prospective Patient visualize themselves having the procedure)
  • Alternate Payment Options
  • The ability to provide a Cash Discount
  • Up to two different Finance Comparison Grids with various Terms and Rates (“circle the one that works best for you”)
  • Important rate disclosures and disclaimers
  • Zero % Financing options  
  • Co-Management Waiver  
  • A signature Line for commitment
  • The ability to handle multiple Offices and Locations
  • Customizable and can even include your own Practice Logo

Expect Only What You Inspect

Patient Concepts Reports

  • Are you focusing your Marketing Dollars in the right place?
  • Which efforts and campaigns produce the best opportunities and results?
  • What is the source of your Referrals?
  • Are your Consult close rates improving?

Patient Concepts includes a number of reporting capabilities that let you track and evaluate performance to give you the answers to these questions:

  • Status by Date or Counselor - Provides an overview of status, flow and results and helps determine potential follow-up opportunities
  • Results by Date or Counselor - Provides details on presentations and close ratios
  • Source Report - To show where your opportunities are coming from and drill down to specific detail
  • Presentations Report - To help determine usage

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